01 Jun 2009

NEGRAM (Nalidixic acid - GI infections) - United Kingdom

Updated: 01 Jun 2009

NEGRAM (general infections)

Treatment of acute or chronic infections, especially those of the urinary tract caused by Gram- negative organisms, other than Pseudomonas species, sensitive to nalidixic acid. It may also be used for the treatment of selected cases of gastrointestinal Gram-negative infections sensitive to nalidixic acid (though relapse rate and treatment failure in gastrointestinal infection may be more common).

NEGRAM Description, Presentation and Dosage

NEGRAM Description

NEGRAM Drug Class Description

4-quinolones (quinolones).

NEGRAM Drug Description

Negram Tablets: light brown tablets marked NEGRAM. Negram Suspension: suspension.

NEGRAM Generic Name

Nalidixic acid - GI infections

NEGRAM Presentation

NEGRAM Presentation

Negram Tablets: Nalidixic acid 500 mg Negram Suspension: Nalidixic acid 300 mg/5 mL .

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NEGRAM Adult Dosage

500 mg - 1 g four times daily 1 hour before meals.

NEGRAM Child Dosage

Under 3 months, not recommended; 3 months - 12 years, up to 50 mg/ kg daily in divided doses.

NEGRAM Precautions, Reactions and Contraindications

NEGRAM Special Precautions

NEGRAM Special Precautions

Liver disease, severe kidney dysfunction. Avoid unnecessary exposure to sunlight. Pregnancy.

NEGRAM Adverse Reactions

NEGRAM Adverse Reactions

GI effects, visual disturbances. Skin rashes, photosensitivity, seizures, CNS effects, haemolytic anaemia, thrombocytopenia, leucopenia.

NEGRAM Contraindications

NEGRAM Contraindications

History of convulsive disorders. Porphyria. Lactation.

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