07 Jan 2001

Dexa-Gentamicin (Dexa-Gentamicin Augensalbe) - Deutschland

Updated: 07 Jan 2001


Infektionen des vorderen Augenabschnittes, wie Bindehautentzünd. Hornhautentzünd. Lidrandentzünd. Gerstenkorn, soweit sie durch gentamicinempfindliche Erreger verursacht werden. Superinfizierte, allerg. Entzünd. des äußeren Auges.

Dexa-Gentamicin Description, Presentation and Dosage

Dexa-Gentamicin Description

Dexa-Gentamicin Drug Class Description

Kombinationen mit anderen Antibiotika

Dexa-Gentamicin Drug Description

1 g enth.: Dexamethason 0,3 mg, Gentamicinsulfat 5 mg (entspr. 3 mg Gentamicin).

Dexa-Gentamicin Generic Name

Dexa-Gentamicin Augensalbe

Dexa-Gentamicin Presentation

Dexa-Gentamicin Presentation


Dexa-Gentamicin Manufacturer


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August 2015 MYC/15/0023/EUa

Heart Failure

Heart Failure is a progressive chronic disorder that results in the inability of the heart to pump blood efficiently to the bodys tissues.

Chronic heart failure is an increasing public health problem; the growing prevalence in industrialised countries means that 1-2% of the adult population of these countries are now thought to have chronic heart failure.1-3 Estimates suggest that the prevalence in Europe, USA and Japan could increase by approximately 16.5% over the next ten years.4

Dexa-Gentamicin Dosage

Dexa-Gentamicin Adult Dosage

weißes Vaselin, Paraffin, dünnflüssiges, Wollwachs.

Dexa-Gentamicin Child Dosage

Dexa-Gentamicin Augentropfen
Zus.: 1 ml enth.: Dexamethason dihydrogenphosphat-Dinatrium 1 mg, Gentamicinsulfat 5 mg (entspr. 3 mg Gentamicin).
Weit. Bestandteile: Benzalkoniumchlorid 0,05 mg (Konservierungsmittel), Kaliumdihydrogenphosphat, Kaliummonohydrogenphosphat, Wasser f. Inj.-zwecke.

Dexa-Gentamicin Augentropfen-Augensalbe Kombinationspackung
Zus.: s. Augentropfen u. Augensalbe.

Dexa-Gentamicin Precautions, Reactions and Contraindications

Dexa-Gentamicin Special Precautions

Dexa-Gentamicin Special Precautions

G 13

Dexa-Gentamicin Adverse Reactions

Dexa-Gentamicin Adverse Reactions

G 13 a

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