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What is epgonline.org?

epgonline.org is a web service for doctors, physicians and other healthcare professionals, which is published by EPG Health Media (Europe) Ltd.

In addition to presenting more than 110,000 pages of clinical content from within the epgonline.org disease and medicines knowledge base, this website serves as a content aggregator, providing access to 3rd party content from reputable governmental bodies, profit and non-profit organisations, international and national publishers and other sources from around the web. All content is organised by disease topic.

The aim of epgonline.org is to provide healthcare professionals with a range of relevant clinical reference sources, tools and data to assist in the provision of high quality care, ultimately connecting patients with the correct and best possible treatment.

What does epgonline.org contain?

epgonline.org contains 50 disease topic "homepages", each of which provides access to;

Prescription drug information

An up-to-date database of prescription medicines, accessed via the search tool or A to Z drug listing.

Disease and Treatment knowledge centres

More than 30 educational resources sponsored or funded by pharmaceutical industry partners.

Please note: to access the Disease & Treatment Knowledge Centres users must register and login. Registration is free and available only to qualified health professionals.

Guidelines for treatment

Concise, up to date and easy to browse medical guidelines

Clinical trial study outcomes

Clinical trial data by disease area, source or date

Drug news

Keeping users up to date on the breaking medical news stories; updated daily and searchable by medical specialty and date

Social media 'conversations'

Links to conversations taking place within physician forums and networks around the web

Multi-media content

Video content such as mode of action animation, key opinion leader and expert interviews

Journal articles

Articles in abstract form sourced from medical publishers worldwide

Directory of apps

A directory of medical apps intended for HCPs, linking to the source

Conference and symposia calendar

EPG Health Media (Europe) Ltd (publisher of epgonline.org), works with a range of reputable partners to provide free access to these content elements.

epgonline.org is presented in English language with - by default - drug information for the United Kingdom. Content is also available for national markets such as Germany, France, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden.

epgonline.org, the website for healthcare professionals is compliant with major internet browsers and a mobile version of the drug data is also available for access from mobile devices.

How is epgonline.org used?

In addition to convenient access to all content elements by disease topic, visitors of epgonline.org can use the advanced search functionality, to quickly access to the most relevant content for them. This time-saving option removes the “credibility uncertainty” often associated with sourcing online content via mainstream search engines.

To search epgonline.org for medical or drug information, enter your search term in the search box located at the top right of all screens. The search tool allows you to search for any medical or drug related term, including drug name (brand, generic or scientific), disease or condition. The search results page will display related information from various sources, including the drug database, disease knowledge centres, guidelines for treatment, clinical trials, news stories, social media conversations, multimedia, journals and mobile apps.

By providing this important information in one easy to navigate resource, the purpose of epgonline.org is to connect the medical community with the correct and best possible treatment options for patients.

All content contained within epgonline.org is intended for registered healthcare professionals only. To comply with regulatory and industry guidelines certain content is password protected. If you are a healthcare professional and would like to have access to this restricted content, please register. Registration is free and takes just a few minutes.

Registration and access to all content is subject to our terms of use policy.

How is epgonline.org funded?

epgonline.org is funded through advertising, market research activities, educational grants and sponsorship from pharmaceutical Companies and other organisations dedicated to providing medical information and support to physicians.

Who provides content for epgonline.org?

Content for epgonline.org comes from a variety of sources, including governmental agencies, regulatory authorities, medical writers, journals of medicine, health associations, pharmaceutical companies, medical publishers and other reputable sources of publicly available content on the web.

Medical news stories published on epgonline.org are commissioned by EPG Health Media (Europe) Ltd (owner and publisher of www.epgonline.org) and supplied by Pharmawand (http://www. pharmawand.co.uk). Articles are written by Dr Ben Crystall, PhD, BSc, who spent six years as a research scientist at Imperial College London and has been a writer and editor at New Scientist magazine since 1996. Press release and articles are proofread and edited in-house by medical writer Charlotte Allum, Bsc (Hons) in Anatomy and Human Biology.

Sponsored content published within epgonline.org has been created, provided by or funded by the named sponsor, who is responsible for the accuracy and objectivity of the content. EPG Health Media (Europe) Ltd, publisher of epgonline.org, the website for healthcare professionals does however take meaningful steps to ensure that the information is trustworthy and balanced and that sponsored content is clearly labeled as such. EPG Health Media (Europe) Ltd does not endorse any specific product, service, or treatment.

Who operates epgonline.org?

epgonline.org is published by EPG Health Media (Europe) Ltd. Visit the Company website at www.epghealthmedia.com

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